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Do you ever get a little scared of Yasmin when she is in her perfect Dom zone? Well, todays update shows off Yasmin at her wolverine finest....Its Bottomless Wing Night at the campus sports bar. Koby and Robert are downing their bucket of beer and devouring chicken wings. Yasmin, who has been watching them grab their dicks and throw chicken bones all over the table for the last hour, decides she is going to bait these boys and have a little fun. Koby gets up the courage to hit on Yasmin and Robert quickly follows suit. This is the last time they will have any say in their night. Yasmin ties them up, makes them confess they are virgins and then breaks them in with her huge dick. The boys try to escape but shes too powerful and well, too sexy. Yasmin ass fucks Robert - the supposed experienced one - until he nearly cries and then she turns to Koby whos cock has been hard the entire time, even through he keeps protesting that he DOESNT likes her dick in his mouth. "You think you can fuck me, like I am fucking your friend...." She asks. Now the night really begins and ends with three huge pop shots including Yasmins shot well over across the room. | back to KathoeyTube.com

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