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Yasmin Lee has a stressful life full of photo shoots, looking glamorous, shopping, seducing men...and that is just an average Wednesday. She needs to unwind in her own special way and that means hiring a strapping guy to give her a massage in her house, alone, with no one to interruption. The massage starts off innocently enough, working out the tension in her muscles while increasing the tension in her cock. She convinces Lobo to disrobe and let her touch him, just enough to keep him close by her mouth and breasts. She slowly pulls back the sheet revealing her hard cock and Lobo reluctantly puts her in his mouth, licking only the tip first. He is in a bind since as a therapist this is NOT allowed but as a guy, Yasmin is too tempting. He gives in to Yasmin and is soon pinned to the bed first with a large butt plug that makes movement impossible and then with rope and Yasmins cock pounding his ass. She wants him to man up and fuck her like she fucked him, so Yasmin gets tied up and demands Lobo fuck her just as hard, just as fast. They both are sweating and ready to explode for a mutual complete release. | back to KathoeyTube.com

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