the sensory deprivation lab: eva lin plays scientist on his spunk-pump

Blake lays in a lab bed with his head in a blackout hood and a straight jacket pinning him to bed. He can barely hear, he can not see or smell so the slightest breeze sends shivers of anticipation through his body. He is in a sensory clinic and right now in the pitch blackness of his hooded existence, in what feels like night time somehow, he can sense someone in the room. That shift in the air that indicates to our primal selves that we are not alone. His cock hardens when the presence moves closer, waving something over his body, the light touch of nails moving the hair on his thighs. Everything is bigger and more dangerous when all senses are removed and Blake is at the mercy of whomever is going to awaken his body and cock. Eva knows this, exploits it, fucks with his mind while her hand grips the head of his cock. Shes wets her lips and presses them down the shaft. Blake moans in as that explosive rush of the first touch of wetness on his cock is heighten by his complete lack of control. Eva takes out her own hard cock and slams it into his ass. She is just as hard and just as hungry to cum. | back to

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