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After 10 minutes of relaxing in the woods, Eva is bored. Turns out she hates the woods. Just when shes about to sleep away her weekend, a volunteer fire fighter shows up to tell her she has to leave. If he had not been so cute and dopey, she would have likely taken his evacuation warning as a good excuse to pack it in early, but, Casey innocent face and boyish charm presents a challenge. If she can bag the firefighter, she will have a better story to tell her girlfriend back in the city. She invites him in and it takes about 2 seconds to get his cock out and his guard down. Thats when Eva pounces and lets her little firefighter know that hes not going to be controlling this situation. She fingers his ass and squeezes her cock inside. Hes so tight, she can barely move inside him. But Eva does not take "no" for an answer and his tight ass is so divine that she can help but cum. | back to

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