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Welcome the beautiful, Alyssa Hung to in her debut scene "Blackmail" Alyssas heels click on the dock wood. She has come to meet a stranger in the damp, cold industrial part of town where only fishermen, thugs and whores frequent. She waits for him and when he arrives, he has photos of her with a man who is not her husband. The stranger wants $5000 dollars to keep quiet but Alyssa has another idea. She convinces the thug to have sex with her so they can take really incriminating photos and together get even more money from her high profile husband who will pay to keep his private life private. The two slip behind the chain fences into the darkness and Alyssa goes to work on his huge cock, sucking him deeply in her throat. She convinces him to let her tie him up as to make their photos even more kinky and scandalous. He agrees. And then the real scandal begins...she pulls out her big cock and shoves it in his mouth, muffling his denial and working his mouth over until he agrees and obeys. She has him worship her full, round ass while stroking her cock and then fucks his ass. She jerks a full load of cum out of his hard cock while pounding him before pulling out and cumming on him. But did she really take pictures? Does she really have a husband? Watch and find out... | back to

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