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Venus and Phoenix grew up together - they shared boyfriends, snuck booze from their parents liquor cabinets and told each other everything. Everything except the burning desire they both secretly share for each other. hot. Now, years later, they return from their first semester at separate colleges with a lot of catching up to do and a lot less inhibition to be had. They slip away from a family BBQ and go downstairs to their favourite place to skim their parents booze and hang out. The giggling soon fades to tension filled looks and Phoenix makes the first move. Venus can not believe this is happening and she knows she has one more secret to share with her best friend. Right before Phoenix slips her hand down Venuss shorts, Venus pulls away and shows her best friend how much she wants her by how hard her cock has grown while they have made out. Phoenix is surprised, she never knew her girlfriend, her bestie, has a cock... | back to

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