venus lux gives a bdsm lesson to new kink employee!

The only with problem Venus giving a training lesson to a new Production Assistant here at, is well, Venus doesnt work here. Shes not the one who tells you how to wash cocks or clean lube of a leather couch. But she convinces Mia Li that shes a full to staff employee who can help her learn her new job! Tricky and creepy! She gets Mai to agree to a bondage lesson and as soon as the new PA is bound, Venus relieves her true intention - the need for a blow job! Her cock springs from her nylon stockings and down Mias throat. Mia is excited that this is part of her "training" - shes not as naive as she let on. She can spot a dom when she sees one and shes happy to oblige Venus in her game. Venus uses the cuffs, gags, floggers, spreader bars and rope to restrain Mai and they both fuck and cum all over the bondage gear and their hot sex echoes through the bondage storage room. | back to

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