super super-hot feature movie: "dorm apartment punishment" starring jessica fox

TsPussyHunters presents "Dorm Room Punishment" a feature shoot starring Jessica Fox, Milcah Halili and Wenona. First year Milcah and Wenona are acting like typical co-eds - yelling on their cell phones, exercising off the cafeteria food, playing obnoxious music at top volume - all the shit that drives the Resident Assistant insane. But Jessica is not the typical RA, she takes matters into her own hands and makes the girls pay for their annoying amateur habits. First Jessica storms into Milcahs room and punishes the little fucker with her cock. A long blow job keeps the noise down and when she fucks Milahs pussy the sounds coming from the dorm room are MUCH more appealing to Jessicas ears. But an RAs work is never done - there will always be another loud mouth down the hall and no sooner is Jessica back in her dorm room, when Wenona starts up with the medicine ball and high kicks. Jessica busts into Wenonas room and throws her on the bed. Jessica uses the fitness and endurance of Wenona to full capacity as she fucks her senseless - fisting her pussy and even fisting her own ass while she drives her cock into Wenona. Epically hot sex in this feature update! | back to

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