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The first time I was in Pattaya I honestly had no idea what a ladyboy was, I was new to Thai girls, I wasnt really familiar with boys who look like girls. One night I was not drunker than normal but drunk all the same and was approached by Noon, a big confident woman I thought so after making out and going back to my room I was confused by what she said when she asked if it was ok she was a ladyboy and if she could fuck me. Ill spare you all the in betweens but we ended up having her tie my hands behind my back and raping me bareback because that is the only way we could pretend it was involuntary and it wouldnt be my fault if I had sex with a ladyboy. Horny as I was I let her have her way, and she made me an animal. Look what she turned me into, Im making ladyboy porn now because of her, when I finally bumped into her again about six years later I made sure there would be no goodbyes before her and I made a video to share with the world her amazing cock and unparalleled sex drive. | back to

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